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Broken World Zachary Hill

Broken World

Zachary Hill

Published May 9th 2011
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Virginia Red Lance lived alone on a devastated colony world. When the Oligarchy (a tyrannical rebel government) comes, she rescues some students and flees the colony with the help of a damaged android. Now they must survive in a hostile universe that is crumbling around them. The government is falling apart as it tries to withstand the onslaught of the Oligarchy. Virginia and her new family choose to fight back and become mercenaries. With their uniquely lethal ship, the Crazy Train they wage a guerrilla war against the Oligarchy. However, the Oligarchy has the most lethal ship ever created- the two mile long Lupus Rex with an invincible force field and unstoppable cannons. Virginia finds herself and her small crew in a position where they are the only ones that can stop the monstrous Lupus Rex and prevent the universe from falling completely into chaos.